Our Story

Terra Cares Foundation is a growing initiative by Terra Parts & Solutions. Our Team comprises of hearty individuals who just love giving time and money back to organizations and those in need.

We are non-military mentalists and believe change starts with love, not war. Our mission is to inspire and ignite something in all walks of life; kindness, love, and resilience. You cannot “fight” life, as the word itself is contradictory to the end result that is inevitable. We are all reserved the privilege of an ending chapter, it is how we get to the last chapter that creates significance in our story.

We uplift organizations and individuals by structuring campaigns to raise funding, donations, and volunteer work. Giving back reinforces your connection to people wherein happiness is a reward shared by both sides. By supporting Terra Cares Foundation you are aiding lives in need of hope and resilience. One moment of kindness has the potential to inspire thousands.

Our Mission

To provide a pay back platform for all to participate in aiding non profit organistaions and individuals in need.

1. Research

Terra Cares will research local NPO's and persons/families in need and will pledge them into the Terra Cares Foundation program.

2. Understanding Needs

To help a NPO or indivual we first need to undertsnad what they need. We use our resources to develop a strategy to provide relief to their needs.PO

3. Implementation

Implementation of our strategy will be means of a campaign in aiding the NPO or person/famiy's needs. This could be in the form of fundraising, contributions or volunteer work.

4. Support

The final stride is the most gratifying. We involve all team members and supporters in hand over or administration of the NPO or persons/family relief.

Understanding our Logo


A combination of red and white, pink contains the need for action of red, helping it to achieve the potential for success and insight offered by white. It is the passion and power of red softened with the purity, openness and completeness of white. The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits.

Pink is intuitive and insightful, showing tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity. In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay.


The heart is compassion and understanding. Often known as the seat of emotions, the heart is synonymous with affection.

Our heart formation and symbolism has a certain complexity. We visually express how some “seats” need repairing. The blank spaces are reflective of neglect or lost compassion.

Bandages are a strip of woven material used to bind up a wound or to protect an injured part of the body, here we use it metaphorically as well as literally.


Our causes are driven to provide some form of relief. The blank spaces are reflective of neglect or lost compassion in both society and those individual in need of hope.

The bandages encompassing part of the heart is metaphorical for our donators, our relievers, helping those in need of hope and restoration. 

Fulfillment may come ambiguously to our donators and our causes, offering a complete formation. At the end of each campaign, we hope to leave both our donators and causes with restored hearts.

Have Any Questions?

You can contact us directly if you are unsure of how to apply for volunteering or donations. All NPO nominations should be directed to info@terracares.co.za

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